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Truly Helpful offers spiritual teachings and personal transformation through music, books, videos, and events. Our dream is simple: allow more love to be.

Yoga Teacher Trainings

Ready for a deep immersion into the wide, wonderful world of yoga? Discover a way of life and livelihood that will be truly helpful and life-changing with Yoga Quest University. Learn ancient ways of healing and spiritual connection that will bring us to Independence, or at least the growing realization that all of the answers and power are within ourselves.

Sonrisa Yoga & Dance Studio

Southwest Florida was in for a big smile when Allowah and Beata opened doors to their first yoga and dance studio in Naples: Sonrisa (smile), the place where your whole being will feel joy. Come to relax, energize, grow, connect, and have fun through movement, music, meditation, massage, and more! We will be expanding together with a variety of classes, events, and private sessions.


Our programs facilitate letting go of fear and opening to love through the yoga lifestyle. Be part of the process and breakthrough to your highest self. Allowah Lani leads students into the heart of living YOGA. Come join our next yoga teacher training this summer.


A musical celebration of A Course in Miracles, Allowah’s debut album Heart ‘N Hands is sure to uplift your spirit and connect you to the divine source of love and forgiveness. Stay tuned for release announcement, album download, and live performances!


Allowah Lani’s Who Am I? Yoga, Psychedelics, and the Quest for Enlightenment is a must-read for all spiritual seekers. Filled with history, experiences, and more questions to go within. “This book will get you thinking, and perhaps seeing.” —Ganga White


We are offering professional Dance teachings and performances
with different varieties of styles, music, for all levels, for solo,
couples and groups. Private and official dance sessions. BOOK
your DANCE lesson now and be happy and free.

Allowah playing music
Costa Rica retreat
Who Am I book
Yoga teacher training
Allowah playing music
Costa Rica retreat
Who Am I book
Yoga teacher training
As a yoga teacher and creative musician, Allowah facilitates my deepening of the physical practice of yoga, breath, meditation and beautiful music. Even more profoundly his open-heart, loving energy and commitment to the spiritual journey assists me in tapping into love and bliss consciousness on and off the mat.
Patricia Varley


 National Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer, Coach

I am awe struck by how multi-talented Allowah is! His strength, stamina, balance and flexibility as a Hatha Yogi is remarkable and admirable. But it doesn’t stop there. I have also enjoyed Allowah’s musicianship on both the guitar & his healing tones through the didgeridoo… It is rare to discover so much talent embodied in one package ~ especially one so pure in heart, dedicated to living & disseminating the Dharma!
Meenakshi Angel Honig

Internationally acclaimed Yoga Instructor

Recently finished my 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training hosted by Allowah Lani. Thank you for everyone who supported me on this journey! This was one of the most rewarding and healing experiences of my life. The community that Allowah manifested here is like nothing I have ever experienced before. Our community was one of unconditional love and acceptance from day one and each member will be a part of my family for the rest of our lives. I can’t recommend this man or his teachings enough!
Mark Gregory

200hr RYT

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