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Allowah is a great teacher who lives yoga full heartedly. He is wise in the information he gives and makes everyone feel very welcome. He is also very patient and understanding of individual needs as well the group needs. Thank you! Namaste

Robyn Filkins

200hr RYT

I learned way too much to write in this little space! I also know that this is just the first step, and this training has opened the door to so much new information, ideas, and a new path of life. Allowah is a great teacher. He has a nice balance between working and relaxing.


200hr RYT

Allowah is an awesome teacher. His knowledge is very impressive. We are very fortunate to have a teacher among us with such a well rounded and interesting background. His dedication to his students is obvious. It is important to be much more than a teacher, but someone who is living by the yogic principles everyday. Allowah brings to life (the true meaning of living the life). His caring and concern for all sets him apart.


Bobbie Lee Gruninger

200hr RYT

I was at a 2.5 hour breathing/dance/cathartic mini-healing workshop, and it was on of the most profound things i have experienced in a while. My heart opened to love and i felt so happy! Allowah is such a true yogi, as he has an indescribable gentle presence that is so refreshing in this world !!!! I am thinking to move to Hawaii, just to be able to share more time with this amazing yogi i know for 12 years now. Many blessings to you!!!! Your presence is surely a gift to everyone on the planet, as we are all connected !!!!! I feel like a different happier person this morning. Peaceful.


Jeff Segal

Breathwork student

Although I have been attending yoga classes for several years, I recently started training with Allowah based on feedback from other yoga instructors indicating that Allowah is an exceptional teacher. I was not disappointed. 

Allowah is a gifted teacher, in addition to his technical excellence and diverse yoga training. In just a few months I find that my flexibility and balance have noticeably improved.

In addition, although I train with Allowah several times a week, each class is different and challenging. He is constantly attuned to each student’s individuality and inherent strengths and challenges. We are truly lucky to have Allowah teaching yoga in our community.


J. Leader

Yoga student

Allowah is by far one of the most beautiful spirits I have encountered in this life experience so far! He is an old soul with compassion in so many ways and learning from him was an honor and a life changing journey! I would tell anyone who has the opportunity to train for yoga with his crew, that his 200 hr program will not only change your life forever but will inspire you to evolve into the person that you know you are! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Teacher!


Eric E.

a.k.a. C.A. Human

As a yoga teacher and creative musician, Allowah facilitates my deepening of the physical practice of yoga, breath, meditation and beautiful music. Even more profoundly his open-heart, loving energy and commitment to the spiritual journey assists me in tapping into love and bliss consciousness on and off the mat.


Patricia Varley


National Speaker/Facilitator/Trainer/Coach

Recently finished my 200-Hour Yoga Training Retreat hosted by Allowah Lani. Thank you for everyone who supported me on this journey! This was one of the most rewarding and healing experiences of my life. The community that Allowah manifested in Kauai is like nothing I have ever experienced before. Our community was one of unconditional love and acceptance from day one and each member will be a part of my family for the rest of our lives. If anyone is ever considering a Yoga or Healing Retreat PLEASE don’t hesitate. I can’t recommend this man or his teachings enough!

Mark Gregory

200hr RYT

I recently had the good fortune to meet Allowah Lani & to collaborate with him on a Flying Yoga Demo. I am awe struck by how multi~talented Allowah is! His strength, stamina, balance & flexibility as a Hatha Yogi is remarkable & admirable. But it doesn’t stop there. I have also enjoyed Allowah’s musicianship on both the guitar & his healing tones through the didgeridoo. I also had the Blessing of receiving his Thai massage body work which he skillfully & sensitively tailored to meet my unique needs. Collaborating with Allowah on both the choreography & demonstration of our flying Yoga was pure Bliss! And on top of all of that he is a techno~wizard, as well! He did the filming, editing & uploading of our Flying Yoga Demo. While Allowah has a gentle easy going nature, I have noticed that he often walks bare on the earth on hard rocks & demonstrates legendary inner & outer strength! It is rare to discover so much talent embodied in one package ~ especially one so pure in heart, dedicated to living & disseminating the Dharma!

Meenakshi Angel Honig

Internationally-acclaimed Yoga Instructor

To study yoga with Allowah is about the closest one can get to going to India and studying at an Ashram. Allowah is a devoted and knowledgeable yoga instructor who is skilled in teaching students from beginner level to teachers in training. Allowah is fun and energetic and knows and lives yoga. The Naples community will benefit greatly when Allowah brings yoga to his very own yoga center. I can’t wait!


Kiersten Gallagher

200hr RYT

Allowah’s yoga teacher training was absolutely fabulous, much more than I could have ever imagined! He is a wonderful and gifted teacher, with a vision of Unity Consciousness that comes across in your teaching and kirtans.

 For your generosity, kindness, tolerance, patience, open heart, guidance, support, time, and hard work. You are a source of inspiration on and off the yoga mat.

 I am so happy that you created this company and continue to offer YTT in Naples. I am grateful to know you and to have the opportunity to learn yoga from you. I am especially grateful that you brought this YTT to Naples and that you included so much–All of yoga–in the training.



200hr RYT

As I watched you, learned from you, experienced you and from you, my feelings of admiration, awe and respect ballooned as our class together progressed… the impression you made on my life and heart and mind is enormous… thank you for such a life-changing journey–thank you for being such a fearless leader–your wit and skill and love is forever tattooed in my memories of this first real-in-depth yogic journey… You are an inspiration and I adore you!
and now you have to see me again and again and again… sigh…
I feel as if I came to you a stone of protective marble after all i had been through the past several years–and with your love and our studies and practice, you helped chip away much of what had built up that was unnecessary and was holding me captive–there is still and always so much more to let go of and so much more to be discovered and set free–I hope you will be there as an inspiration but in the meantime, I wanted you to know how deeply you have affected me.
Thank you.



200hr RYT

This has been an amazing experience — you have taught us so much and have opened our eyes, minds & hearts to a whole multi-pathed realm through our seminars and special events and teachers. In little Naples, FL we have had an education to rival the finest ashrams in India — we have been so blessed to have you as a teacher. Your yogic mastery is amazing — how do you get your body to do those poses?? — we are in awe. Most importantly, you have made this journey so much fun! We hold you in our hearts — wherever the future may take you.



200hr RYT

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