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Allowah Lani leads students into the heart of living YOGA

Our programs are not just experiences, they are total life transformations that won’t leave you going back to the old you when you return home. To know Allowah is to know love. His teachings go beyond the limited layers of what society has us believing, to the heart of your true Self. To discover this is simply priceless. The questions you’ll ask yourself during the journey will dive deep into the inner work that has been calling you. You will emerge peaceful, yet powerful. The love of our tribe will continue to expand as you step into the real world, fully present and aware of your purpose. Are you ready?

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Countdown to Peru








Go on a 10-day Spiritual Quest in Peru

Begin a new year with a new you! Join this amazing journey into the jungle of Peru and cure yourself on so many different levels! Learn how to feed your body, mind, and spirit with the most powerful tools and medicines that will invoke transformation and rejuvenation of your entire self. This experience is sure to become a pivotal point in your life that will fill your heart with gratitude and blessings if you are willing to accept the call. Come be part of the tribe that allows more love to be!

View registration details: Sacred Medicine & Yoga Retreat in the Amazon