Aloha! I am so blessed to be a part of this experience in Hawaii! As your chef for the training, I am passionate about HIGH VIBRATIONAL foods and how pure nourishment compliments the practice of Yoga. I will be preparing plant-based food for the 2 meals/day that I provide you with. I believe in the importance of DELICIOUSNESS and food made with love. We will be eating lots of tropical fruits and local veggies! We will be utilizing local foods as much as possible, like mangoes, taro, melons, papaya, lychees, and so much more. If you’re new to eating this way, don’t worry! We will have a lot of fun exploring many possibilities and I can even make vegan versions of some of your favorite foods!

I love making comforting stews with ayurvedic spices, fresh veggie burgers, loaded salads, raw desserts, and more! I have 3 years experience as a nutritional chef and caterer and I am excited to share my passion for yummy, healing foods with you. In addition to cooking, you will find me playing music or playing with the little ones… maybe even doing all of it at once! I so look forward to sharing this experience with you and am excited to see how the blessings unfold.

In Lak’esh,
Katrina Lilly
(239) 465-8499