Our Epic Hawaii Ed-venture, Part 1

“All are called, but few choose to listen.” ~ A Course in Miracles


What if I told you that there is a way to feel better about yourself and everything that is actually quite simple, but that it will require a little bit of a commitment on your part for it to manifest?

Would you be willing to take the necessary steps, to fulfill the requisite conditions, to listen to the wisdom of how this might be accomplished?

Of course you would. Or, at least, you would be willing in theory. Because we all want to be happy, to live with a free and open heart, to enjoy peace inside and with everyone. Yes?

And there is a simple method to attain this, yet the process isn’t always so easy. And therein lies the rub, meaning this is where most jump ship – when the going gets rough.

And this is completely “natural” because we’re all in the same boat and we all have issues with faith, trust, surrender, etc. This is why complete awakening is a rare occurrence in this world, let alone the experience of true love, peace and joy. But even a little more peace and awareness is better than none at all.

I bring all of this up because as a yoga teacher and spiritual guide I have been wrestling with certain issues all of these years I have been teaching, and particularly when captaining yoga teacher trainings like the voyage we are about to embark on in Hawaii.

And the main issue has really been that I have not always effectively communicated the infinite value of our course work together, nor have I seemed to have instilled complete trust in me as a guide. Indeed, I have at times wavered and waffled when it comes to some of the teachings and not held my ground, which has translated into not optimally holding the container. This has led at times to chaos, confusion and frustration.

You might ask why I would even bring all of this up as it doesn’t really reflect well on me?

Well, I bring it up as a way of saying that, yes, what I have to share is invaluable, and I hope to nip any potential issues in the bud by writing this and asking for your help, with the suggestion that your helping me is only of help to yourself.

First, I ask that you trust me. Meaning that you trust the wisdom of how to live free and happy that I am committed to allowing to flow through me to you. I am here only to be truly helpful, as our motto (from A Course in Miracles) says. This means that really my only function or purpose for being with you on this journey is to help you to experience the awakening that I have experienced, because that experience will make all the difference. (Please keep in mind that this is not a cult, though it might be diffi-cult and a new self-cult-ure that we are cult-ivating together.)

Second, and obviously connected to trust, is I ask you really deeply listen to what I have to share, letting go of any and all preconceptions or past learning you might have. They may have been of help in the past, yet this is a new moment. And if they had brought you lasting peace, you probably wouldn’t be seeking right now (if you are, I don’t want to assume; yet if you are honest, you are probably not truly at peace).

And Third, I request that you make our course and training your very top priority, and stay committed to doing the work that is presented to you, even if it is not always fun. And isn’t it true that it’s generally the things that we don’t want to do that are the very ones that would be good for us to do? To take a very simple example: If you don’t like doing Chair Pose, your resistance is the very thing to look at, because it is symptomatic of other things that you are resisting in your life. There’s a zen saying that you should meditate for 20 minutes a day; unless you don’t like meditating, then you should meditate for an hour!

Truly, for Spirit, everything and anything is possible, so if you are resisting anything, you have chosen to accept lack and limitation, and that acceptance is indeed limiting you!

Again, this work is not always easy – in fact, it’s pretty fucking hard, the hardest thing you will ever do – yet it is the most rewarding work, and so I commend it to you and again ask for your help in making my job that much easier!

So to conclude this little segment, the quote at the top “all are called, but few choose to listen,” means that few choose to listen because true listening requires letting go of separation and selfish self-interest, and we are all deeply invested in that. That is why being in a group together and doing this work is such a gift, because we can all really support each other, and in doing so, we can each make that much more progress on our journeys home.

I hope this all was “truly helpful” to you, and if it wasn’t, just let it go. Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) for listening & I am really listening forward to our time together!!!

3~’ Shanti : ) Allowah