The teachings in Allowah’s courses go beyond just yoga. It’s about how to embody yoga—becoming yoga, not just doing it.  We learn how to do that in every area of life, and with everyone we meet. Yoga means union or oneness, especially oneness with God. So many spiritual paths may be seen as forms of yoga. Yoga can be made very superficial—just another workout, a form of exercise for looking and feeling better—because we’re afraid of going deeper. But yoga is way beyond fear and takes you out of your comfort zone.

True awakening is rare. Allowah put his own healing first in his life, learning the way to be free. He dedicated himself to yoga, and only yoga, for years, even learning Sanskrit. It is difficult to cross the razors edge because we all seek to avoid facing our fears. Allowah has been willing to walk the road less traveled, not worried about the opinions of others. He has been willing to let go of fear and open to love, and not always follow the rules. He is able to find a balance between structure and intuitive flow. Allowah’s classes are deep because he has had these experiences and realizations. Allowah never calls himself a Guru—but others have seen him as one and believe that’s what he is here to do.

Allowah awakens his students to things not normally available to them in the outside world. He has touched the awakened sate and has seen beyond the veil, carrying that into everything he does in his life. He goes deeper than most yoga teachers in the West, because he teaches the Mystic path—the path that all great mystics have walked, whether Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, etc. He has had experiences that most people have not had in their life and has been gifted with grace. Allowah never holds back, he does not treat his yoga classes as a business. When he teaches, he wants to give everyone everything, not save it for the next course. He wants his students to be at his level.

Benefits of Allowah’s Retreats

  • Feel better, healthier, happier, and more joyful
  • Have less pain and suffering
  • Smile and laugh more
  • Sing, dance, and connect with your innate creativity
  • Be liberated: free from self-judgment, fear, lack, and limitations
  • Learn the way to unconditional self-love
  • Release fear, worry, anxiety, and depression
  • Unlearn your conditioning—learn to question everything
  • Learn to lighten up
  • Unblock the blocked places within yourself
  • Become part of a beautiful community, a tribe of friends for life

Follow your heart, your bliss, and live the life you want to live—it’s never too late to be the person you always knew you could be! Join us for the next retreat and experience all this for yourself. We would be honored to hold the space for your transformation. View upcoming events and feel free to contact us with any questions. We are only here to be Truly Helpful!

Allowah is offering yoga at its deepest root level—the original teachings of the way back to God, where God is Oneness, Love, and Beyond All Fear. Fear comes from separation, so we have to go beyond separation to know who we truly are. And when we do that, our spiritual path becomes the most important thing in our life and everything else begins to flow. We then learn how to be the most effective at whatever we do in our life from this spiritual process taught in Allowah’s training